Month: March 2018

Is It Time For A Career Change?

There are times when every individual feels that he or she needs a career change. The reasons are abundant. It may be low pay packets, lack of opportunities in your current job, problems with the boss? anything. Whatever the reason is, you need not worry about it because a career change is not a negative thing. In fact, it can… Read more →

Interview Thank You Letters

An interview thank you letter is a very important gesture for the candidates as it shows your sincerity. Once you get shortlisted after the long interview sessions, a letter of greetings or an interview thank you letter is required to convey your sincere greetings to the employer. Acknowledging officially through a thank you letter is a gesture of politeness. It… Read more →

What You Should Say in The Job Interview

What You Should Say in the Job Interview Showing up for the job interview could be a nerve-racking encounter, particularly should you be applying for your very first job. Indeed, preparation is essential to make sure that you may be producing an excellent impression to the hiring officer. Saying the wrong issues can trigger rejection. On the other hand, knowing… Read more →

New Working Opportunities In Cardiff

Cardiff has taken part in a huge transformation of its city, and completely for the better. A massive change is that of the city centre shopping, which now is highly competitive to any other big city with regards to having excellent shopping facilities. Cardiff centre is completely unrecognisable to those who have not been there since this huge transformation. One… Read more →