Month: May 2018

4 Mistakes That Get Resumes Rejected

Developing an effective resume can be a daunting task. How do you summarize the most relevant aspects of your career within 1-2 pages? Which details should be included and which saved for the interview? How do you know if your document is really working or getting rejected out-of-hand? The following 4 “Resume Killers” are common mistakes I’ve encountered in working… Read more →

What To Do And What Not to Do During Interview

Some Noticeable point’s needs to be kept in mind while appearing for interview are – Always adopt a professional attitude and professional looking and wearing. Listen intently about interview questions. Use strong positive language while answering your questions. Ask the relevant questions and be specific to job related questions only. Wear a smile at all times even if your answers… Read more →

Career Benefits of Being Multi-Lingual

The world is getting smaller, and language barrier is something that we are all aware of. The demand for multi lingual employees is rising and the reasons for this ranges from getting a wider client base, to making partnerships with other international companies. English is known to be the international business language; more and more people and a lot more… Read more →