Month: August 2018

Know How of a Consulting Firm

Owning a business is not all that a person needs; while creating a successful empire for himself. It needs lots of dedication and an efficient consulting firm that would help to hire the right candidates for your firm. International recruitment consultants have a fair share of manpower to get you resources at desired cost to company, without compromising on the… Read more →

Tips to Emerge Successful in Call Center Interview

Call centers are rage nowadays. They offer lots of professional and lucrative opportunities which are too hard to resist. However, the candidates have to go through a rigorous screening and personal interview. Generally call center pre- employment tests are combinations of online test of grammar, English proficiency, basic knowledge of computer and a personal interview test to check the attitude… Read more →

Staying Confident In an Interview

Staying confident in an interview is crucial if you are serious about landing the job. Too many times an applicant is equipped with the best skills and qualifications but then fails to make it in the interview simply because of a lack of confidence. For this, the more you will need to understand the basic requirements of how to stay… Read more →