Month: September 2018

Administration Job Descriptions – CV Library

Administrative Assistant As an admin assistant you could also be given the job title Clerical Worker, Office Junior or Clerk. Your main duties will always include general office tasks, data entry, and requesting information by phone, letter or in person, organising office documents and corresponding with internal and external calls. Good administrative assistants will require good IT skills, communication skills… Read more →

What Does Java Developer Do?

Java is a programming language used in building applications. It’s a class-based, object oriented programming language which functions on “write one time, run anywhere principle”. The java coding once done can run on any platform and don’t require recompilation. It is currently the most popular programming language and therefore, one can fairly guess the demand that these professionals enjoy. Java… Read more →

Preparing Yourself For Doctor Jobs Interview

With the completion of the medical program, medical graduates are set in motion for locating best doctor’s jobs in the country. In the past few years, the competition in the health care sector has increased greatly. As a result, all the medical students and even professionals looking for jobs are desired to put in special efforts. The essential requirement for… Read more →