Month: November 2018

Institute of Banking Personnel – IBPS

Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is one of the largest autonomous bodies in India which has shown tremendous success in its endeavours to recruit suitable candidates for various posts in public sector banks of India. It has adopted the most efficient method of out sourcing individuals to become a part of the banking sector. Unlike other career options, which require… Read more →

Resume Length And Resume Layout Tips

Resume Writing Resume is required whenever you apply for any job position. Remember that you are not alone applying for the particular job and there are many others like you. All these people write their resume for acquiring the opportunity. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your resume stand out from this crowd and get attention from the employer.… Read more →

Locum Tenens Physicians Requirements and Benefits

Today, most healthcare facilities look forward to hiring physicians for Locum Tenens positions as it not only helps in fulfilling their staffing needs, but also helps in bringing down the costs associated with permanent recruitment for any position. The term Locum Tenens is derived from Latin and is a healthcare phrase used for fulfilling a permanent position lying vacant due… Read more →