5 Top Tips to a Software Developer Job Winning CV

There are a lot of articles around at the moment talking about video resumes, online portfolios and social networking. All of these are great tools but are a bit ahead of the game as most employers still request the traditional style CV. Web designers in particular can make great use of these tools to demonstrate their creativity, however for software developers and other IT jobs, these style documents are not necessary and should only ever be submitted alongside a traditional CV and not as a replacement for one.

In order to make your software developer CV attract an employers’ attention follow these top tips:

1) Make your first page count

The first page of your CV is like the front cover of a book or DVD – it’s what will encourage an employer to find out more about you. With this in mind it is important to make sure all your key successes are detailed on this page. Qualifications, experience and skills all need to feature here.

2) Mention the tools you have worked with

This is more relevant for those in the IT industry than most as there is a huge range of tools available. By mentioning on your CV that you have worked with x, y and z you are able to demonstrate skills and an ability to grasp different tools. Do be aware though that by mentioning a tool on your CV you should be prepared to answer questions about it if you were to be invited to interview, so be cautious of talking about tools you know little about.

3) Keep it simple

A traditional CV needs to be kept simple. If you need to show off your creativity then look at adding extra documentation to your application (as mentioned above). A clear font and simple layout helps the employer to pinpoint the important information that he or she is looking for quickly and easily. If they have to search too hard it is likely they won’t bother, so make it easy for them!

4) Do include an interests section

It is becoming more and more important to include an interests section on your CV as employers look to build teams rather than employ individuals. Including your interests on your CV gives a fuller picture of you as a person.

5) Don’t over exaggerate or worse lie.

It’s a pretty obvious one but people still do it. By lying on your CV you are setting yourself up to fail. The likelihood is that you will be asked about the section you lied about on your CV and employers will be able to tell if you haven’t got the knowledge to back up your claims. If you are found to be lying it is almost certain you will not get the job.

Follow these 5 top tips and you’ll be on your way to writing a software developer jobs winning CV.