All You Need to Know About Travel Nursing Jobs

Medicine is amongst the fastest growing industries across America and while doctor jobs are in high demand, it is the nursing jobs that are expected to grow at an astounding rate of 26 {8460524073cbcd784abb686a73e6e7d1d94285b04e887230132b08c8f3a82e5c} between now and 2020.

Whether it is the fact that the qualifications required to become a nurse as compared to a doctor are relatively much less and easier to pursue or the fact that nurses have better and more flexible work timing, either way more and more people are opting to become nurses across the country.

In fact, so much is the demand for registered nurses that it has resulted in a major shortage of good nurses, thus giving way to the concept of ‘travel nursing’.

What are Travel Nursing Jobs

As a travel nurse you will have the option of taking up a nursing assignment anywhere, be it thousands of miles away from home or in your hometown itself. These nurse jobs give you the flexibility of working in different cities and countries. A travel nurse company will provide for everything right from your housing to your insurance, continued education and clinical support. The main feature being that these jobs are temporary and may not necessarily exist in your vicinity.

A typical nurse job description would thus pretty much be the same as a regular registered nurse or allied health professional. Only as a travel nurse your job will be restricted to a few weeks in a certain place, post which you can take up a new assignment in a completely new place.

What should do to I Apply for the Job of a Travel Nurse?

Why Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is exciting and well rewarding. It is perfect for those who enjoy travelling and exploring new places or those who enjoy their freedom and like to work at their own pace.

Moreover travel nurses have an opportunity to expand their skill set and learn how to work in different clinical surroundings, thus making them more competent and sought after in the industry.

Travelling nurses also get paid better and enjoy several benefits like free housing and insurance packages that is often taken care of by the travel nursing companies.

How much do travel nurses make?

Travel nurse assignments typically last between 8- 13 weeks. The shorter the assignment, the higher is the pay. Longer assignments bring higher job security but lesser pay. Either way, travel nurses make an average of $ 75,000 a year, the average hourly pay being $40. The pay can vary depending on location and speciality.

Compared to registered nurses who make approximately $64,000 a year at an average pay of $31 per hour, nurses thus make a significantly higher amount of money.

Also travel nurses are eligible for overtime pay and bonuses just like regular registered nurses. Most travel nurses also get housing allowances and health and wellness benefits.

Travel nurse jobs are thus ideal for all those who wish to be a part of the medicine industry, make more money than registered nurses and are open to moving cities every few weeks.