Best Resume Examples

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to create a first impression”. Resume means “summary” in French and it signifies an enumeration of one’s skills, educational and professional details. Writing a resume is a tricky job since the resume should create an impact on the reader. This will happen if your resume details match the job profile you have applied for. Let us decode some tricks and list some resume writing tips that will create an eye-grabbing resume.

Resume writing tips:

Highlight your style:

There is no particular style or format for writing a resume. It is a way to showcase your profile and this has to be done in your personal style. Remember to highlight the points that will create an impact of the employer.

Basics are important:

Objective It highlights the aim and focus of your life, incorporated with it is your job requirement, skills that attracts the employer.

Contact Information: It should have relevant, correct and current information.

Education: Mention the degrees and credential with the complete information of the year with the latest degree at the top.

Experience: It includes the entire job experience with the company you have worked for, the designation, and the responsibilities in detail. It should have the crux of the projects you handled. If you are a fresher, mention the projects you undertook during your training. (watch your tenses)

Skills: List the technologies you are well versed with and describe the set of skills that showcase your potential best.

Suit your choice: When you apply for different job markets and sectors, you can modify your resume to suit the particular job needs. Highlight the expertise and strengths in that particular field to make the resume appear the most deserving for the vacancy. In such cases, you can ignore the irrelevant details.

Worth a mention: One interesting thing worthy of mention is the professional activities you volunteered for. This reflects on your leadership qualities, hardworking nature and commitment. It also speaks about your set of skills and interests.

Grabbing attention: Use designs that grab attention. Employers make fast judgment as they glance through your resume. If they observe that the job titles are irrelevant then they immediately assume that you are not qualified for the job. Employers do not have time to read all the job descriptions, to judge your suitability to the position.

Match the titles: Employers receive hundreds of resumes. They have 5 seconds on an average to glance through your resume. A great way to catch attention in that short time span is to use job titles and skill headings that match the job profile.

Content that sells: The design is important but what really is important is the content of your resume. The description should mention all your skills and abilities. This will determine how many interviews you generate and the package you will receive.

The best resume is the one that generates most interviews and creates an impact on the employer in the short span of time.