Concept of Trade Unions

A trade union is a group of workers who get together for common goals which are mainly better working conditions. Trade unions are usually very organized communities of employees and are very structured. Originating from Europe in the Industrial revolution trade unions have become increasingly popular in almost all of the developed and developing countries of the world. The union wields a lot of power when it comes to making decisions about the work that has to be done and how it is to be done. The union can enforce strikes and lockdowns if their demands are not met. Also trade unions are sometimes politically connected thus they have the power to bring about political actions against their employers. The union is usually a mix of different individuals which include individual workers, professionals, students and the unemployed.

The trade union always has a leader who talks and negotiates on the behalf of the whole union to the employers for certain benefits which mainly are better working conditions. Other benefits which the trade unions usually bargain for include improved job security, safeguard from unfair dismissal, lobbying for better working conditions, asking for support for people with injuries sustained on the job etc. The basic function of a trade union is to represent its members and to negotiate with the employers. The unity between the union is exemplary the people in the union stand up for themselves as well for each other in times of crisis. The common view about the employer union relation is said to be turbulent and that of confrontation. But the basic purpose of a trade union is to have a platform from where to negotiate the wants of the workers. From the employers point of view trade unions also have benefits for them which include saving time by negotiating with a single body of workers rather than talking to each employee individually, unions are a part of the communication process between the two. Trade unions have the power of all the workers behind them thus they can be a great support for bringing about significant changes in the business.

Trade unions are considered a pre requisite to achieving industrial peace. Decisions which are taken with the collective minds and negotiations of the employees and the employers are the most influential and long lasting. They provide the platform between the two classes so that arguments and differences can be resolved before they become major areas of conflict. The trade unions have a wider function which is the representation of people at work and protecting their interests. The activities of the union include educating the workers by organizing courses on a variety of subjects, seeking a healthy and friendly working environment. Trade unions also help in the economic development of the workplace by inculcating discipline at the workplace, and helping in reducing workplace disputes and incorporating a sense of responsibility and cooperation between the workers. Trade unions are an integral part of the industrial society and as such are considered to be of utmost importance in the industry of any country.