Do I Need an IT Degree? IT Recruitment Agency Answers

Is An IT Degree Worth the Expense? IT Recruitment Agency Info.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs have more than industry-altering IT brains in common; not one of these three genius, visionary and successful men ever finished a degree. What does this mean for IT degrees? Just how important is an IT degree to succeeding in IT? Could an IT degree increase your chances of getting snatched up by an IT recruitment agency? Discover what the IT industry really thinks about IT degrees, from IT recruitment agency experts.

What Sorts of IT Degrees are Out There & Could They Further my IT Career?

The 1st part of this question is simple to answer. There are lots of degrees suited to addressing your IT knowledge. BAs can be attained in a selection of computer-related areas such as:

You might also find that more general degrees such as theoretical physics and mathematics can include some more general IT information, expecially if you are looking into programming. The question of how useful any of these degrees will be to your future IT career is a tough one. Degrees are usually expensive and time-consuming, often using up lots of the most creative time of your life. How handy you will find an IT degree actually depends on you and your existant talents.

Maybe annoyingly, your IT recruitment agency may explain that the helpfulness of a degree is a thing only you can decide upon. This can mak coming to a decision tricky, but it is helpful advice. Think about these things before deciding:

If you’ve already proven that your self-taught IT skills are up there with the majority of the IT world, a degree is probably not the best route for you. Self-taught IT talents are highly appreciated within the industry, however if you do not have a proper understanding of your IT area, an IT recruitment agency ought to advise you to look into an IT degree.

Ways to Get into IT Without a Degree

If you are one of the naturally able IT talents for whom an IT degree would just be a misuse of time and money, any IT recruitment agency should be poised to sign you up. The vital thing is proving your worth. There are a number of methods to exhibit your highly employable talents without a pricey degree. Here is some key advice from a top IT recruitment agency:

So Does A Degree Matter?

An IT recruitment agency will have little problem finding you a job if you tick all of the above boxes, but only a very select few few of us are exceptional enough to manage that degree of skill. This is why an IT degree is generally a good idea. An IT recruitment agency ought to advise you that, with an IT degree, you have evidence of your skills and your commitment.