Don't Be a Stalker Candidate in Your Job Search!

You’ve submitted your resume, aced the phone interview with the hiring manager and were told that you would be invited in for a job� better yet, you’ve already interviewed and are waiting for the results.� Days go by without any more communication about your nest steps.�You were told by your college counselor that you need to follow up, but how often should you call or email?� Is five times per day too much?� .� Believe it or not, there is an unwritten etiquette for how often you should follow up with the hiring company.Whether you’re dealing with the Corporate Recruiter or the Hiring Manager, you want answers without getting the run around and without seeming like a stalker.� Here is my advice for handling each.Corporate RecruiterThe Corporate Recruiter is often the first person you come into contact with during your application process.��Usually they will have reviewed your resume, discussed your background with the hiring manager and is tasked with scheduling you for a phone interview or the in-person interview.�

Hiring Manager If you’ve already spoken with the hiring manager, then it is acceptable that you follow with him/her.�

Throughout your job search, the art of following up is key.� Whether it’s before or after an interview, let the employer know that you are interested and show that you can be professional.� Knowing the difference between good follow up skills and being a stalker could be the key to your success.