Five Things to Learn About a Company Before Your Job Interview

Let us face it our economy is going down and has been for a while. Employers are cutting back and making budget cuts causing more and more people to be laid off or fired. People and society as a whole are struggling. What jobs are still available are being fought over tooth and nail. Jobs in Canada are just as scarce as the rest of the world. Because of the job scarcity, preparing yourself for any potential job or interview is of the utmost importance.

Most people when given the opportunity for an interview do not know they should research the company they are considering employment for. Many interviews will consist of questions about the actual company itself. You do not want to be left stumped when asked simple questions that you should know about the company. This easy task may be the difference between your employment or a continued job search.

When looking for employment in Canada you will see that many companies offer most of their information on the company website. Five things to know about a company before your job interview:

1) Company Information: You should know the company’s name, address, phone number, point of contact, any information on the management team such as who the president is and so forth.

2) Mission Statement, Philosophy, & Goals of the Company: When you know what the company stands for you will understand what type of personality you will need to portray in your interview. Understanding the company is generally wrapped up in these three aspects. Knowing where the company is headed is always an impressive add on to any interview.

3) What the Company Does: Before going in for an interview you should know what the company actually does. What type of services does the company offer, or what products does it sell.

4) Company Clients: What type of clients does the company serve is very important when applying for a job.

5) What the Position is & What it Requires: Understanding what the position is and what will be expected is important as well. This will offer you the time to prepare to impress with your knowledge of the position at hand. You can also prepare ideas on how to make the position more effective if you plan accordingly.

Looking for work in Canada can certainly be a stressful job in itself. Make sure to revamp your resume with all up to date information. Learn things employers in Canada are looking for. Doing the right things and taking, the proper steps will offer you opportunities to connect with new people. Put yourself out there to stand out from the rest. The first impression is one of the most important aspects when going in for an interview for jobs in Canada. Show the employer that you are the one made for that specific position.

Searching for employment in Canada does not have to be stressful and neither does going in for an interview. All you need to do is take an interest in the company itself. Showing the employer that you have the company’s best interest at heart will do wonders for any interview.