How To Interview

Preparing for employment interviews is essential. The job interview is your possible opportunity to convince an employer that you are what they’re searching for, and it’s difficult to do this when you are stammering over your responses to their inquiries. Highlight your verbal communication abilities by preparing answers to those expected job interview questions, and sell yourself at the same time.

As a candidate you have to be able to present yourself with clarity and precision. To do this you must make adequate preparation, anticipating likely questions and rehearsing your responses. Your answers should appear spontaneous. Simultaneously, you should come across as attentive, eloquent and coherent. Thus preparation is essential.

During the interview you should speak confidently, making sure to support your answers with appropriate examples from your work experience. It is up to you during the course of the interview to acquaint the interviewer with whatever information you consider to be important in advancing your claims to the job on offer.

Always link your replies to the job for which you’re applying. This is especially imperative in the case of candidates who are faced with the type of indirect questions favoured by numerous interviewers. For instance, the interviewer may ask you to describe your current job. This is an indirect way of asking you to what extent your existing skills relate to the job for which you’re applying.

Go into the interview, smile and shake the hands of the people who might be employing you. And do make an effort to remember their names! Think of something interesting to ask them. If it’s a large business that has been in the newspapers recently, then ask about it. It shows that you read up on commerce and sector news. It demonstrates that you are keeping up to date with new developments and that you’re on the ball.

Refer to your skills and experience relevant to the job requirements and the company’s needs. What benefits are you bringing to this job? Mention your previous successes plus your objectives for your future. Be straightforward and assured about your abilities.

“Tell Me about Yourself.” This is perhaps the most common interview question – you are almost guaranteed to be asked this one. This is where you really need to sell yourself, but it’s also important to be both relevant and concise-this is not the time for your autobiography.

Do not rely on your application or resume to accomplish the selling for you. Interviewers will require you to speak for yourself. Your resume was more than likely pre-screened by the Personel Department, and your interviewer hasn’t even viewed your resume. Sell yourself! When you are answering the interviewers questions, look the possible employer in his eye while speaking.

Ask an insightful question. By asking a question you gain control of the interview. Don’t ask a question for the sake of asking. Be sure that the question will engage the interviewer in a conversation. This will alleviate the stress you may feel to perform.

Don’t ask about salary, vacations, bonuses, and retirement, on the initial interview unless you are sure the employer is interested in employing you. If the interviewer asks what salary you want, indicate what you are earning now but that you’re more excited about opportunity than in a specific salary.

Remain upbeat as you answer questions. Steer clear of using negative words and don’t say anything bad about your present employer, job or boss. It’s much better to talk instead about what you’re looking forward to.

When the interviewer indicates the end of the interview, thank him for the opportunity to interview and, once more, express your enthusiasm for the job vacancy.