How to Land a Job in Washington, D.C

Washington D.C., formally known as the District of Columbia is known attract talented work force from across the globe. With a thriving public as well as private sector, there is no denying that District of Columbia jobs offer unique opportunities of learning and growth.

Not only is this region home headquarters for some of the largest corporations, but moving to Washington D.C., is also a great way to explore the possibility of landing a government job or working with a non-profit.

Recent studies on popular job posting websites suggested there are an equal number of District of Columbia jobs versus applicants in this region. This further suggests that the market for employment in this city is relatively less competitive in nature in comparison to other major cities such as NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

If you are planning on bagging one of the many District of Columbia Jobs, here are a few suggestions worth considering –

Leading Industries

It isn’t surprising that that federal government is the largest employer of this region. In addition to this, due to the dominance of the public sector in this region, the legal sector is also quite a dynamic industry to consider.

In addition to the government, aerospace and the defence industry also offer tremendous employment potential. Other leading industries include the likes of Information Technology, Financial Services and Healthcare. A surprising entry in the list of leading industries here is the food and beverage industry which offers 42 times more jobs in this area than the current national average.

The city is also a fertile ground for fresh graduates and students who are looking for summer internships. Whether you want to work with the congress or make it big in the hospitality industry, weighing your options n the District of Columbia is an excellent way to open doors to career growth.