How TO Make A Professional Resume

Be a qualified person in a field is a big thing, But much biggest thing is to present your talent through your Resume in any company. so that your desire company may call you for your job selection in your work profile. In today’s era 100 people may be graduate and qualified in their job profession, but there is no any guarantee that how many people are able to present their talent in proper way weather by face to face or by Resume. In this article I want to tell you that how to make a perfect Resume so that a glimpse of your personality can be show in your Resume in your absence also. Very first I want to tell you that what is mean by the Resume ? so dear reader, Resume is one kind of details or data of your personal and professional information. It mean this is the written proof of your identification and your job profession. In your absence this is a key by which other people can know about your personality and work profile. That is called your Resume, Bio Data, C.V, Curriculum vita etc, but meaning is same, nothing different.

Now if we talk about the kinds of Resume. Then my friend I want to tell you that there are two type of Resume first one is- Hard Copy Resume 2nd one is Soft copy Resume. Hard copy resume is a one kind of printed paper of your personal and professional details. To such type of Resume we can take in our hand , and physically we can give to other people also. but if we talk about the soft copy Resume then it mean’s we publish our personal and professional details in computer in any software and then we read it or mail it to other people only by computer. We can not take this in our hand physically. To such type of Resume we called the Soft Copy Resume.

Thus we knew the true meaning of Resume, and kinds of Resume also, but now I will tell you that how to make a Perfect Resume. Which help you to get your desire job.

For make a perfect and professional Resume I am a giving you some effective tips below which are considered by every company.

1. When you make your Resume then remember ever that on the top of Resume at the left side your Name should be published in bold fonts. So that in first look company HR manager can know your name. then below your name write your Present Home Address not your postal address. Now below the home address write your local Phone Number. This is the beautiful beginning of your Resume. By which without waste any time your Resume Reader mean company HR manager know who are you, where you live, and what is your contact number. Which is very important part of your professional Resume.

2. After write about your name, address, and contact number now you should write about your job prospective. Mean here you have to mention about your positive thinking towards your career. You have to write your some positive view which are related with your career like- Intend to build a carrier with leading corporate with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully & realize my potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment.

3. Now we talk about the 3rd step of Resume making. in 3nd step we should write about the summary of our School Education, like from where we have done our 10th and 12th class with what division. Then we should write about our graduation or degree. So that our Resume Reader may know about our school education with marks percentage and division, and he may realized that we are Educated.

4. In 4rth step after the summary of our education we should declare our work experience of our job profession. It may be from 6 month to 20 years or more in your job profession. So that your Resume reader mean HR manager may know that how much you’re the useful person for his company. And how much he should pay you for your current talent.


Dear Resume maker if you want to get the selection in your desire company then please never forget above these 3 step in the beginning of Resume making. Because according human nature every one want to know in very short time that how much you are the useful for him. No one want to listen that what you eat and how you walk.

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