How to Write a Resume For Fresh Out of High School

Writing a resume for the fresh out of high school is quite difficult task. This is mainly because you will not possess any professional work experience to grab the attention of the employer or any career achievements to prove your relevancy for the job. You will only have your transferable skills to impress the employers and convince them of your competency. As a fresher, you will have to focus on listing these skills in your resume to get attention from recruiters. You have to design your application in a way that it interests the employer in going through your details and they will call you for the interview to discuss the further details.

Resume tips for Fresher out of School

Following are the different sections of resume for the fresher candidate.

Contact Details

This is the first section for every resume. You have to provide the name and contact details like address for correspondence, telephone number, e-mail id, etc. These details are provided so that the recruiter can contact you if they find your profile suitable for the job.

Career Objective

Career objective should present goals that you want to achieve working in the position. You must explain the employer how achieving your career goals will benefit the company at the same time. Career objective statement should not be more than 2-3 lines. For the fresher applicant, you can discuss the job specific skills in this section and tell the recruiter that how these skills will benefit you in your work.

Educational Credentials

This is an important section for the fresher resume. Your academic qualifications will tell the employer about your depth of knowledge in the field. Any job related certification will help you in seeking attention of the employer.

Key Skills

Skills are most important for the fresher resumes. You have to emphasize on listing your skills in this section when you don’t have any professional work experience to list in your CV. Start with listing most relevant job skills. Use bulleted points for listing these details. A lot of research about the company profile and your prospective work profile will help you in listing the most appropriate skills for the job.


Give the details of academic projects you undertook. You may not know what employer is expecting in the candidate. Your project details will display some of your job skills that can get you noticed.


If you had any internship experience in any organization, it will serve as an advantage for you. List these details in your fresher resume.


References are required for most jobs these days. Employers will demand for at least 2 references when you apply for any job. You can provide the references of your class teacher or your college Principal. Make sure to talk to them before you include their names.

There are variety of resume examples that can be referred to design your own application. Go through resume samples and see how information is presented and how you can improve it for better appearance.