Importance of a Cover Letter

Cover letter is an additional document sent along with your resume. The purpose of writing a cover letter is to provide information about your skills and experiences. It is very important to include certain information about your profile such as, contact information, salutation, eligibility to get the job, proper closing, and finally your signature. The cover letter provides a personal introduction of a candidate to the recruiter and sells his skills and expertise. The purpose of a cover letter is to showcase ones eligibility for a particular job. A professional cover letter makes a superior impression on a recruiter or an interviewer. You can express your level of interest and knowledge about the job with a striking cover letter; it becomes very important to indicate that you know something about the organisation and position.

Correct writing tone and content of a cover letter helps you to distinguish yourself from other job seekers; it emphasises on the skills which makes you the best match for the position you are applying. A professional cover letter should only contain two or four paragraphs. While writing a cover letter one should focus on the most relevant parts of their experiences or skills relating to the desired job. A short or descriptive cover letter demonstrates your communication skills and determination towards the job. Make sure that you do not re-hash your resume while writing a professional cover letter. The usage of a same font style for a resume and cover letter gives an accomplished look to your personality. The sole purpose of a cover letter is to grab the attention of a recruiter. As and when you are done with the writing of a cover letter do not forget to proofread it; also ask your friends or relatives to proofread it again. The sentence structure of an article has to be flawless; there should not be a single spelling error or punctuation mistake.

Candidate should provide all the details pertaining to the post he/she is applying for, his/her interests for the job, and source of information. This will help the recruiter to segregate all the applications according to the requirement. Do not forget to mention your phone number and Email address while ending the cover letter. This will help the recruiter to get in touch with you soon. A very well written and summarising cover letter convinces the recruiter to have a look at your resume and invite you for an interview.