Importance of Interview Questions With Answer Related to Electrical Engineering

Hi friends..I am siva kumar(electrical engineer) from India and now I am working in Indian Institute of technology as project associate. My interest is too built robots which are helpful in real time basis and my other interest is to share my knowledge to others who needs it urgently. So i want to share one secret with you so that you will understand my core idea of writing this article. When I started my career in engineering I was not 100{8460524073cbcd784abb686a73e6e7d1d94285b04e887230132b08c8f3a82e5c} confident in what I was studying because the training given by my college is useless. But there is no point to complaint about this matter because no one cares about this. So I started reading lots of articles in internet which told me to plan my path for which I am studying, then only I realized that reading reviews given by visitors before we read a particular site is so important to know the quality of the site that we are visiting rather than reading a useless site which is nearly a waste of time .So now I am going to tell my aim of the article is to tell you that the below mentioned site is awesome which helped me a lot to clear many interviews easily and that site also helped my class mates too. So I advice you to read the below mentioned contents in the site fully which will change your life quickly in a positive way and the site name is Electrical engineering interview questions

Above site covers the twisted and basic electrical engineering interview questions and if you have any other questions related to it feel free to write those questions in the comments section of the above site and those questions will be answered as soon as possible. Site covers topics related to (1) AC & DC generator principle, working, advantages and disadvantages of it,(2) AC & DC motor principle,working,advantages and disadvantages of it,(3) Transformer principle,working,advantages and disadvantages of it,(4)Power factors basics,(5) Transmission and distribution line parameters and their role to play in the field,(6) Principle and working of electrical appliances like fan, tubelight and so on. (7) Explained topics related to power electronics like SCR, IGBT,BJT and so on.

All interview questions for electrical engineers interview questions for electrical engineers given in the site are verified by professors and so my sincere advice is too read those questions daily and I guarantee the hr of different companies will mostly concentrate on the questions that are given in that site so this is a easy way to impress Hr quickly in a easier way without any trouble. Generally HR will surely ask about the project work done in college in each and every interview and you can impress him only if you know the exact operation of each and every component that you used in your project and so this site will teach you quickly about it.