Important Questions the Interviewer will ask get the answers that will have shining in an interwiew

The status of jobs here in the US has gone thru a drastic transition. Nowadays employers are being much more selective and chosen because of the great number of unemployed out there,Many of us stumble in life, but you do not want to stumble in an interview.

In an interview you must demonstrate interest and knowledge of the will impress the interviewer and it will also set you apart from others jobseekers.

Study the 6 Golden rules on career. Memorialize them, by doing this it will give you the confidence that you will need to succeed and score the interview process.


1) Tell me a little about yourself, be basic, and don’t get to personal. The interviewer does not want to hear about the fight you had with your boyfriend or girlfriend the night before.

2) Why should we hire you? Summarized your experience that applies to the job.

3) Why did you leave your past employer? Make it positive. Do not talk bad of your past employer.

4) Why do you want to work here?

5) What are your goals? Make it short

6) What will your boss or friend say about you? This will be a good time to brag about yourself but, don’t overdo it.

These valuable career questions will boost your confidence, and make your interview process a little stress free.

Don’t just answer the question yes or no. Not every interviewer will ask the same question, however you will be prepared to answer 75{8460524073cbcd784abb686a73e6e7d1d94285b04e887230132b08c8f3a82e5c} of them.

Remember there will be equal quality people applying for the same position. Your 6 Golden rules on careers will have you shining in an interview.