Institute of Banking Personnel – IBPS

Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is one of the largest autonomous bodies in India which has shown tremendous success in its endeavours to recruit suitable candidates for various posts in public sector banks of India. It has adopted the most efficient method of out sourcing individuals to become a part of the banking sector. Unlike other career options, which require a particular stream, the banking sector is open to people from all academic backgrounds. This has led to a growing inclination towards the banking sector by a large mass of the youth. Getting a job in a public sector bank is a thing to be proud of and puts you in the top- notch category. This has increased the importance of IPBS in today’s time where people look up to it as an unbiased organization that helps fulfilling their dreams. In 2011, for the first time, common written exams (CWE) will be held in India for the post of bank po. It is another reward for a successful endeavour by IBPS.

IBPS is an established entity which performs various functions aiming at public welfare. Here are some of the characteristics of IBPS and the functions it performs: It not only selects and recruits individuals from outside the organization but also promotes the employees working within. This boosts up the confidence of its employees and they strive hard to achieve more.

It provides solutions to human resource management through its technologically advanced international testing models like ETS models.

The faculty that selects and recruits the candidates consists of to-notch professionals in various fields. There is a different team of professionals for each stage in the selection process. A strong team of qualified personnel include people from bank and insurance, psychologists, educational measurement, information technology etc. It has a large network of offices spread throughout the country where exams and interviews are conducted for various posts in the banks.

It uses objective type testing methodology to select people. It also keeps in mind the need and interests of the clients. They also identify talented employees within the organization who can cope with better problems and promote them to higher levels. It also aims at improving the areas of weakness of their clients. They conduct training programmes which focus on their behaviour skills or item writing skills.

The recent achievement for the IBPS is that it got the permission to conduct CWE, common written exam in 2011 for 19 public sector banks for the post of bank po.

IPBS is a growing body and has the highest success rate at the present time. Its work in the CWE exams to be held in 2011 for the recruitment in the post of bank po, have gained praises from many areas and supported it to grow.