Know About Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is one of the widely used hiring process. Contingency recruitment includes the agreed terms and conditions with clients and sending candidates on an as needed basis to the companies. It is an ongoing recruitment and placement activity to client organization. The services include in contingent recruitment are research into a potential employee, verification of references, experience, education and full background checks.

The contingency firm can consist of one or two persons only or it may also be a large firm with many employees analyzing the candidates for their jobs. The contingency recruiting services consists of research on potential employee’s personality type, background and verification of references, experience, educational qualifications. Ultimately, they filter all the candidates and select best among them for their clients. This type of recruitment is generally used to recruit associate directors, principal consultants, senior consultant, chartered surveyors etc.,

Process of contingency recruitment: Candidates who signup for contingency recruiting service do not have to pay to the recruiter. The company who has consulted contingency recruiting services will pay the fee to the contingency recruiter for providing the appropriate candidate. The contingency recruiting firm will charge fee from the companies if a proposed job applicant is selected. Depending upon the firms, the contingency recruiting offers different tests to find the best employee. These contingency recruiting firms maintain a database of prospective employee’s which helps them to make the selection of the candidate for their client easier. This type of recruitment focus on network of IT professionals and extensive database to source the suitable candidates.

About contingency recruiter: The contingency recruiter has contract with companies and it is a very expensive hiring process. Contingency recruiting involves more risks when compared with contract recruiter. In contingency hiring, 15 to 30 percent of an employee’s first year’s pay would be given to contingency recruiter for hiring an appropriate candidate. The amount payed to the recruiter will be justified because of the efforts that he has put to find an appropriate candidate.

Once a candidate is found related to the job profile, they go for telephone screening. They make a call to the candidate to know why he is wanting for change of position or a new job. They also try to know about their salary requirements and career aspirations. If the candidate gets selected, he is asked to register online. This comprises of online questionnaire. If the recruiter is satisfied, the candidate is asked to attend face-to-face interview. Then the candidate is tested for competencies and skills. If the candidate gets qualified, then he is asked to attend interview with the client. Ultimately, the decision of recruitment is based on the client as per vacancy for the post. Many candidates who are looking for jobs are seeking contingency recruitment firms.