Labour Recruitment Process For Temping Agencies And Labourers

Labour in the 21st century has changed. Most temping agencies today have a labour recruitment process to employ labourers. Companies and individuals use temping agencies because of its advantages and benefits.

Companies are always looking for competent labourers. It is cost efficient for them to use temping agencies to do the labour recruitment for them. They can avoid the lengthy screening process.

Temping agencies require workers to complete a skill screening process and a security check. Agents can easily match the labourer’s skills to the companies’ requirements when seeking workers.

The security check may include a drug screening. Companies require their agencies to provide them with labourers that are drug and substance free. All workers are given tests before they are hired.

Safety is a primary concern for temping agencies when it comes to their labourers. Workers are required to know the Health and Safety procedures of most industries. Working in a safe environment is important.

Labour recruitment for agents has a rewarding benefit. Agents are able to build working relationships with labourers and companies seeking to hire. They offer resources to help and assist their workers.

Workers should realise that the labour recruitment process for temping agencies can be lengthy. They should present a resume and/or cover letter during their screening and recruitment process.

If you have experience working in construction, manufacturing, and other industries, there is a labour recruitment agent looking for you. They are in need of your skills and expertise. There is a job for you.

There are full time, part-time, and seasonal job hire at many temping agencies. It is great for students, moms and people of all ages. Labourers and choose when and where they prefer to work.

AWF Group Ltd (formally Allied Work Force Group) began operations in 1987 and led New Zealand in the provision of predominantly blue collar, Temporary staff to industry. The Group operates through wholly owned subsidiaries: Allied Work Force Limited, Quin Workforce and Panacea Healthcare Limited and majority owned AWF Mourant Ltd.

AWF operates 30 branches throughout the country and maintains a geographic spread almost double that of any other recruiter or temporary staff provider. With branches from Kaitaia to Invercargill, the company is able to provide immediate service to a vast array of business clients and quality people looking for work.