New Working Opportunities In Cardiff

Cardiff has taken part in a huge transformation of its city, and completely for the better. A massive change is that of the city centre shopping, which now is highly competitive to any other big city with regards to having excellent shopping facilities. Cardiff centre is completely unrecognisable to those who have not been there since this huge transformation.

One of the biggest transformations is that of the addition of the new john Lewis, Wales? first, and also the rather swanky St David?s 2. This huge shopping store is home to huge well known brands and also to eating and drinking facilities which are open both during the day and night, expecting a new addition of TGI Fridays in April 2010, which will be a hugely welcomed addition to the city centres already excellent portfolio of eateries and bars.

Alongside the new St David’s 2 is the brand new, first ever in Wales John Lewis. John Lewis is a three storey department store complete with its own two storey car park. it has several huge departments including men?s, women?s, home ware, white stuff, cosmetics, haberdashery etc.

Just outside of St David’s 2 is Mill Lane, which has been completely revamped and is home to fabulous eateries and drinking venues such as;

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Bar 10

Cardiff has really changed completely for the better and is literally unrecognisable to those who have not been there since the change in the city.

New job opportunities are huge, so if you are looking for work, why not head on down to Cardiff and walk around all the new venues and pop your CV in to them, with a bit of luck you will obtain a job quicker than you may have previously done in the older Cardiff.

Good luck with the job hunt, surely this recession has not much left in it, fingers crossed for all those looking for a job in Cardiff. Cardiff has definitely tried to help its locals with all these developments, so all the best!