Popularity of Government Jobs in India

There has been a great hype in popularity of Government jobs in India in recent times. This hype is caused by several factors happening at once with all supporting people’s alignment towards the Government or public sector jobs. These Jobs include Jobs in Public sectors banks, in public sector Technological and other firms such as BHEL, LIC etc..There are so may other PSUs offering great very satisfying jobs to candidates with security, satisfaction and of course, Great salaries.

One of the biggest roles in this hype is played by the security that comes with public sector jobs. As we all know that life of common man has become so complicated in these times, there is no time for family and oneself. In such a scenario, government Jobs is ray of hope for those that want to have a satisfying job that gives them time, freedom and sense of security. Along with this, recent hikes in salaries in public sector firms has also left a major magnetizing impact on the people seeking such kind of jobs.

This scenario has also led to rise in competition in such exams that are conducted to filter such large number of students and eventually find out a few people that are most suitable for that job. Thus management of these exams has become difficult task for the organizing firms as there are so many activities included form issuing the notification, setting up the qualification and cut-off criteria. Organizing the papers and answer sheets and organizing more complicated stages of Interview and GD etc.

All these factors bought together, make a strong foundation for the invention of new and innovative testing methodologies that Will enable organizations to manage the selection process easily and effectively. This will enable them to choose the most appropriate people for the jobs and will give equal chance to all the candidates to come up and perform during the selection process that would not have been possible otherwise.

Thus, recently major changes have been brought in the testing methodologies of major exam such as Bank exams civil service exam and many other exams include CAT exam. Many of these exams are becoming more aptitude based and a common platform for testing candidates during these exams are going to be deployed in recent future. Like, common bank exam for IBPS is already deployed that has revolutionized the way people take Bank entrance exams. Now all the mainstream public sector banks accept the written qualified candidates from common bank exam by IBPS.