Preparation Guide to Excellent Curriculum Vitae Writing

Many people try to prepare their own curriculum vitae, CV or resume. Most download a free CV template then add their career history., qualifications etc. The work then starts! Below is a simple guide to preparing an excellent curriculum vitae, resume or CV.

What makes a Good Curriculum vitae.

A good curriculum vitae or resume is a key self marketing tool, for finding a job or changing career direction. They are well structured, pleasant on the eye, easy to read. Curriculum vitae provide information regarding achievements, career history, skills and results and Qualifications. They are designed to get the recruiter to invite you to the all important interview.

A good curriculum vitae or resume should have a similar impact on the reader as a well written product advertisement. They should contain powerful wording, facts about the candidates performance and overall effectiveness.

The very best Curriculum vitae or resume will focus the whole presentation on a specific job or skill set. This may or may not be explicitly stated on the curriculum vitae. The CV will focus on factors that are highly relevant to the specific job that is being applied for. The days of one Curriculum vitae for all jobs is gone.

Power words and statements.

The wording on your Curriculum vitae should be those that make you the most attractive to the future employer. They often match wording in the job vacancy listing.

Here is some examples that are being used on current successful curriculum vitae or resume.

1. To master new skills, concepts and skills.

2. To be flexible, mobile and highly versatile.

3. To learn rapidly, adapting to change and innovatively solve problems.

4. To be entrepreneurial but risk smart.

5. To balance and integrate multiple diverse functions.

6. To work within a highly diverse working environment

7. To be quality orientated.

8. To organise and reorganise data and work systems according to evolving work requirements.

Curriculum vitae, CV or resume preparation.

As stated above good curriculum vitae and resume are always targeted to a specific job or skill set.

Having your CV designed around a specific job will help with deciding what to add and what to leave from your curriculum vitae. Below are listed some key points to remember when designing your CV or resume.

Curriculum vitae length.

Remember to k.i.s.s your curriculum vitae or resume. Not literally but keep it short and simple. Curriculum vitae should never be longer than 2 A4 pages in length. Extra pages should only be used if you have large quantities of published material. This would normally only apply to medical and highly scientific careers. Also additional pages may contain patents, awards or other highly relevant information that would help the recruiter to decide to invite you in for the interview.

As a rule of thumb never go above 2 A4 pages.

Things to avoid on your curriculum vitae or resume.

Below is a short list of very important factors to make sure you do not add to your curriculum vitae, CV or resume.


Excellent curriculum vitae’s and resumes should be less than 2 A4 pages in length. Free from spelling and grammatical errors. They should be well presented, Listing achievements, results and have short well formatted sentences. They are never written in either the first or third person. The strongest and most important statements should be at the top of a topic.

The most important factor is to make sure your CV, resume or curriculum vitae is targeted and specific job or skill set.