Preparing for the Telephone Interview

The most crucial part in every interview is preparation and telephone interviews are not any different. There are a variety of items that are absolutely essential to an telephone interview. Be sure you have clean pieces of paper, pen, calculator, your resume as well as a list of qualifications that your particular job requires, a list of accomplishments relevant to the job, research about the company, a brief list of questions concerning the job and a calender. Since there is a lot of things that has to be done before a telephone interview, I will explain the necessities of each item along with how to use it to its maximum effectiveness. First the most basic of tools the paper and pen, these items are somewhat obvious, they are to record notes and important information that your interviewer mentions.

However, you should not record everything that the interviewer says because rather than actually concentrating on the actual telephone interview, you are too focused on taking notes which could bad when the interviewer ask you an important question relevant to your job. The calculator might appear a bit “awkward” along with the rest of items but it serves more purpose than someone might think. The optimal situation where the calculator can become useful, will be when the telephone interviewer asks you quick question that deals with number, this is especially true if your telephone interviewer works for a something like a accountant firm. The resume as well as a list of qualifications, has to be in plain sight, because it is guaranteed they will ask you questions and hypocritical scenarios to evaluate your awareness and understanding of the job. As for a list of accomplishments relevant to the job, this is a must for reasons that this shows the company your existing qualifications, so if they are looking for a position to be filled they will think of you first simply because you already have relevant experience to the job so they are going to have more trust in you for doing those tasks.

Your research about the company, along with a short list of question is a must. The thing I would recommend is researching the companys’ goals and structure. The short questions should be directed at the companys goals and structure, but do not ever attack the companys’ standpoint because it shows you are contradicting their style of corporation or organization and they will almost definitely not hire you on. Preferably after asking the questions and demonstrating the interviewer you did your homework on the company, agree with what the company is doing and continue to link it back to your previous relevant experiences and successes. As for the calendar, it can be useful for checking dates and when you would have extra time if the company has expressed interest in either conducting a follow-up interview or hiring you. These are the tools that are a must for a telephone interview.