Problems That You Usually Face In the Workplace and How To Deal With Them

When you are unemployed, your goals are simple. Your target is to get a reasonable job in a well-known organization. Once you get a job and you start receiving a competitive salary, you are happy with everything for first few months. After a few months, you start realizing that your professional life has some problems too. First few months, you spend your time in establishing your credibility and proving your sincerity with the employer. But once your job is settled and a routine is established, several issues cause somewhat depression for you. Some of these issues are below:

Dealing with a Bad Boss

You have been obeying all the orders of your boss, even the ones that were not related to your job responsibilities. Now, you want him to pay some regard for your obedience and you start expecting some relaxation. On the other hand, since you have been obeying each and every order of your boss, he is now in a habit of ordering you for everything. He is creating piles of work for you because he knows that you will not refuse. If you refuse to do something or even argue, he is going to be your ‘bad boss’ or a nightmare in other words. To avoid such kind of situation, you need to be moderate from very first day. Do whatever you are said to do, but according to your TORs (Terms of Reference) and job responsibilities. If you ever are assigned something not related to your specific responsibilities, you can simply and politely refuse. You can also politely tell your boss about the appropriate person to do the work he wants done. In case, you have some spare time and if you know that it’ll be a one-time thing, you should cooperate with your boss by helping him with the extra task he has for you.

Tough Official Routines

You will have to be very professional. Large business organizations have their code of conduct and they bound their employees to follow it strictly. You will have to follow the office timings. Getting late to reach office or taking long breaks is considered unprofessional attitude.


Though you are working hard, you’ll have to experience discrimination. The discrimination can be of several types. Sometimes your juniors are promoted to the higher positions where you were expecting yourself. Sometimes it happens simply on basis of liking and disliking. When you argue on why you were not promoted, you might be told that the other person was more competent for that position.

Mental Dissatisfaction

Due to several factors, such as tough routines, attitude of your bad boss, discrimination and several similar other factors, you might not feel mentally relaxed in your workplace. Such situations cause mental dissatisfaction, which might sometimes convince you to quit job. Be strong and do not take too stress.

Key for Success in Your Career

Definitely, all these matters and problems frustrate you a lot. You are more likely to give up and resign from job. However, as said above, you need to hold on. Bear with this job until you don’t have any other opportunity at your hand. Tackle the matters intelligently, and with patience. Switch only when you are successful in finding a better job.