Resume Writing Tips For Translators

A well-written CV can catapult you to the top of the list of candidates, while an uninteresting one will possibly end up in the trash. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) offers prospective employers a glance at your professional skills and achievements. It is important to present yourself in the best possible light while remaining honest about your achievements. Below you will find some important resume writing tips for translators.

Include Basic Details Every translator’s resume should include basic personal and contact details such as first and last name, telephone phone number, physical address, and email address. Leave off information such as marital status, political affiliation or religion; such information is not necessary and may be used as grounds for discrimination during the hiring process.

Check and Double-Check Attention to detail plays a key role in the field of translation, don’t be guilty of providing prospective employers a resume riddled with grammatical or spelling mistakes. Thoroughly revise your resume; it is also a good idea to send it to a trusted fellow translator for additional review.

Keep It Simple

Hiring staff spend a limited amount of time reviewing each Curriculum Vitae; therefore, it is important to try to keep things to the point. The majority of translators – and specially those just starting out – should be able to summarize their credentials and background in one single page.

Put Your Best Foot Forward Begin with the details about your education if you have a translation degree but minimal work experience. On the other hand, if you can have years of translation experience but little to no formal training in the translation arena, focus on your work experience first.

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter Make sure to include a well-crafted, tailored cover letter for the position you are targeting promoting your skills and qualifications if you’re applying for a job as a legal translator. Make sure your CV highlights your experience with this particular type of translation. Now is not the time to emphasize your outstanding skills as a technical translator.