So You Want To Work At A Zoo But Not Sure At What?

Working in a zoo is one of the most spectacular experiences one can ever have. This is a job niche that people who hate routine love due to the fact that there is always something different to do in a day. Living things in a zoo, flora and fauna, tend to behave differently every day making work utterly interesting. Most people think that only zoologists and botanists can work here. However, this field is open to many other people, depending on qualifications of course.

??? Conservation BiologistThis is a professional who conducts scientific research in the zoo. The conservation biologist also helps in conservation projects in the field. Through the technical and scientific assistance offered, the scientist is able to help in the maintenance of biodiversity.

??? VeterinarianThis professional helps in maintaining and running the healthcare program in the animal orphanage centre. He or she also manages the health care records of the animals.

??? Animal curatorHe or she ensures that the institution’s animal collection is clearly and accurately managed. In most zoos this niche has several professionals, with each phylum having its own curator. For example, there can be a reptile or mammal curator.

??? RegistrarHe or she maintains the zoo’s computer records on animal collection. This person is also responsible for applying for licenses and permits from the necessary bodies to allow the institution to hold or transport animals.

??? Zoo directorEvery institution requires a director. It is therefore not strange finding a director in a zoo. He or she is responsible for executing the policies imposed by the governing authority, ensuring proper operation of the zoo and also planning for the future.

??? Marketing managerHe or she ensures that there are advertisements in place to make the public aware of the institution’s activities.

??? BotanistThis is a scientist responsible for specifically conducting research on all plant species in the area and how they affect the environment. This person also gives technical guidelines on the management of these plant species.

??? KeeperThis person ensures that the animals and plants are taken care of on a daily basis as per instructions from the scientists. The maintenance includes cleaning, record keeping, diet management, general maintenance and animal and plant follow-up.

??? GuideThis professional discusses with visitors the various species found in the area. He or she ensures that all queries by the visitors pertaining to the name, behaviour and general livelihood of the species are answered.

??? Curator of educationThis person ensures that all the education programs of the zoo are accurately planned and executed.

??? Gift shop managerHe or she guarantees that the gift shop runs as per the regulations given by the governing body. Manages the staff members of the gift shop and oversees the designing of the shops and buying and selling of products.

In conclusion, each of these jobs has different requirements for the level of education and experience. Technical fields like scientists and managers require a minimum of a university degree while guides and security personnel require a minimum of diploma in the relevant field. The pay rates are also different. The more technical the job, the higher the pay.