Solcistium Is A Specialized Recruitment Firm Dealing With Workforce Solutions

For companies looking for good workforce solutions the place to go is to Solcistium, a part of the Wynnwith Group that has been in the recruitment business in the United Kingdom since 1973. The company helps with recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment process re-engineering, and business process re-engineering. The ultimate goal is to assist The HR operations of companies large and small operate more efficiently and get the top candidates to fill open positions in a variety of fields.

The recruitment experts at Solcistium are well trained and highly motivated to provide the best workforce solutions. The firm offers a package of services to the companies it is in partnership with including Recruitment, Workforce Management, On-Board Management, and quality and Continuous Improvement Initiatives. The firm has established a great reputation over the years for providing the most qualified candidates to fill jobs in recruitment process outsourcing and recruitment process re-engineering.

Solcistium also has a wonderful reputation among job seekers who often find that the recruitment specialists can find the high paying jobs that candidates can?t locate on their own. If you are looking for a position in a field such as business process re-engineering then you can visit our company website and check out the list of current job openings. The type of jobs you may find listed include telemarketing consultant, final auditor, and team leader positions. There may also be open positions for level 1 and 2 technicians among many others.

These jobs may be permanent or contract jobs depending on what you are looking for. The lists of available positions are being constantly updated so you can check back frequently. When you find something of interest you can quickly and easily register your CV with us. You will then hear from one of our recruitment specialists who will find out exactly what your requirements are in the way of compensation and other benefits. If you don?t see what you want on the website you can still register your CV and we will begin a job search among the companies we work with to provide workforce solutions.

Although we are based in the UK our reach in worldwide and we work with companies all over the globe to help with recruitment process outsourcing and recruitment process re-engineering. We have a staff of over 3,000 employees to provide services to hundreds of companies and we have helped thousands of job seekers find their dream jobs over the years.

Our dual role in of helping firms with workforce solutions and candidates find jobs has let to our putting the right people in the right positions all over the world. We can conduct our job searches in an area where a candidate currently lives or anywhere else the person would like to work. This provides our clients with a great deal of flexibility in filling the positions they have open at any given time.