Starting A Staffing Agency – Why Hospitals Really Need You

When starting a staffing agency it is your primary goal to get a contract with hospitals as soon as you can. It sounds simple enough and it sound so logical. But, this is not a logical field, we work towards doing what is not logical.

Let me explain: Hospitals have several key things working against them. The primary is laws, we have laws that make hospitals as a mandatory rule must have certain number of nurses or allied healthcare workers to function. They run a hospital without having staff and if that staff is not available they must get that staff.

This is when a staffing agency comes in a fills those shifts. Hospitals really need you more than they are leading on.

The issue with a staffing agency is to become the primary choice to hospitals when that need comes. The need does come, but it comes in cycles. That cycle is what you are trying to discover.

The other challenge is to discover who the decision makers are. Sometimes the decision maker is the manager, or at times it can be the administrator or the nursing supervisor or the radiology manager. Once you find out who the decision maker is, then it will be a swift action towards realizing that the hospital really needs you.

Hospitals have no choice, they have to use staffing agencies. They may not like it and they may tell you no. Don’t give up, this is only a diversion tactic. Many decision makers are busy and at times don’t want to spend time talking with you. The only time they will talk with you is if at that moment they are desperate and actually need a candidate.

Your job is to be the staffing company of choice when that need comes and you are not there. You want to be in the forefront of there thinking when that decision comes. Believe me, it will come and it will come when you are not ready at times. It never comes when you are completely staffed or completely ready.

Making a pattern to visiting facilities will help you begin your marketing campaign. Your campaign has to be aware of changes in managers, who like to be visited and who does not like to be visited. You will discover what facilities want you to call them before you visit them or what facilities don’t mind you stopping on in. You don’t want to be a nuisance, but you do want to get contracts.