Swim Coach Resume

Swimming is an activity that most of the animals learn naturally without any coaching. But man is the only animal, who needs coaching to be able to learn swimming. Although, many people learn swimming on their own, most prefer coaching. A swim coach himself needs to be an expert swimmer, only then can he pass on his skill to others. If any person wants to be a professional swimmer, he has to have coaching. The coach would teach him different strokes in a scientific way.

A swimming coach is indispensable in case of university teams or else national teams. The coach not only teaches them how to swim, but also plans and schedules their training regimen. He also advises them about the way in which they should change their diet according to the practice schedule. He thus, optimizes and achieves a perfect balance between practice and rest; customizing it for each of his students.

This resume is of a swim coach, who has been training athletes professionally for a while. Some of his students have even participated and won medals in the Olympics. The coach himself is a former Olympics bronze medal winner. The specialty of his profile is that he can teach others as well as he swims. This resume beautifully portrays his achievements both as an athlete and as a coach too.

Jeffrey Bauman

463, Baptist Hills,

Topeka, KS 46234



To obtain a position of swim coach of the national Olympics team, thereby helping the nation produce even more Gold medal winners at the Olympics


Work Experience:

John Hopkins University

Worked as a swim coach, 2008-Present

Phoenix Health Club

Worked as a swim coach and also as the head of athletic department, 2004-2008


Hartford University, Kansas, KS

Bachelor in Sports Management, 2001-2003

Hartford University, Kansas, KS

Post Graduate Diploma in scientific swimming techniques

Personal Information:

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 220 lbs

DOB: 1/12/1982

Marital Status: Single


Will be furnished upon request