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Important Questions to Ask During an Interview

You’re already well-aware of the fact that you’re going to be interviewed, which ultimately means that you’re going to be asked a plethora of seemingly trick questions that you must answer correctly. You’re also aware of the fact that you need not say too much. However, when you do speak, it’s important to ask questions to let your employer know… Read more →

Behavioural Questions During Interviews

Behavioural questions asked during interviews tell the interviewer several things about you, the notion being that the behavior you have displayed before is what you are likely to display again. Here are some tips on how to crack the behavioural questions round of an interview. What are they looking for? The behavioural questions asked during an interview give a very… Read more →

What To Do And What Not to Do During Interview

Some Noticeable point’s needs to be kept in mind while appearing for interview are – Always adopt a professional attitude and professional looking and wearing. Listen intently about interview questions. Use strong positive language while answering your questions. Ask the relevant questions and be specific to job related questions only. Wear a smile at all times even if your answers… Read more →