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Wipro TCS And IBM Placement Papers Are Important For Positive Building Of A Prosperous Career

The importance of joining multinational and global companies needs to be realised by people. In fact, this is the target of every engineering student who goes through the rigors of college life. Be it a B Tech degree or a masters degree, people would surely want to go for the high end companies like Wipro, TCS and IBM. The importance… Read more →

Writing a UCAS Personal Statement What's Important And Can You Get Help?

Writing a UCAS personal statement is becoming more and more important owing to several eminent aspects. There was a day when applying to university was a simply and straight forward process for all aspirant individuals. However, now there are several essential elements that need to be given eminence and importance. The very first and extremely important of all is the… Read more →

Important Questions to Ask During an Interview

You’re already well-aware of the fact that you’re going to be interviewed, which ultimately means that you’re going to be asked a plethora of seemingly trick questions that you must answer correctly. You’re also aware of the fact that you need not say too much. However, when you do speak, it’s important to ask questions to let your employer know… Read more →

Why resume formatting is so important?

When you are writing your resume, you obviously follow a particular format of resume. You follow a particular chronology of events, achievements and your qualifications that happened. Thus, if you are planning to write your resume, there are several formats steps which can ease down your efforts to write. One important thing to remember is that the hiring manager, who… Read more →