TCS Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers 2011

Are you a fresher preparing for TCS placements? You would now be knowing that the company gives much importance to questions from C during its placements and interviews. Being prepared with C questions is very essential to get placed in the company.

Why You Should Prepare Thoroughly For C Interview Questions?

C questions are quite different from other aptitude questions as they require good knowledge in programming concepts. Since C is the most widely known computer language amongst freshers, most companies opt to include programming questions from C.

How TCS C Interview And Placement Questions Are Different?

As far as TCS is concerned, the questions from C are not on the toughest side. In fact you would not be tested with syntax or in depth knowledge in C programming concepts. Instead the major focus of the questions would be to test your analytical skills and skill in developing algorithms for solving problems.

Some Sample C Interview Questions:

As I had mentioned in the previous paragraph, you would tested on algorithms and you might be asked to develop an algorithm using C on the spot to solve a puzzle like sudoku.

Another common C interview question you can expect would be to debug errors in a given program. Again the importance will not be on the syntactical errors. Instead there would certain logical errors like infinite loops or divide by zero exceptions deliberately created in the existing code. You will have to figure out the errors. Occasionally you might be asked to correct the code as well.