Teaching Job Interview Questions and How You Must Answer Them

Interviews are parts of any job application. It is the stage of job application when the employer gets a closer look at you and evaluates you as a potential employee. Being such, you need to know how you can impress your interviewer not only through your physical appearance; but more importantly, through the words and statements you give as answer to interview questions. Preparation is the key to a successful interview. For example, if you are applying for a teaching position; beforehand, you need to research about the commonly asked teaching job interview questions so you can at least prepare your best answers. Below are some of the questions you should prepare for.

What Made You Decide To Become A Teacher?

Carefully consider how you must answer this question since it is one that you need to respond to on a personal note. You need to be honest with your answer. Relay a story when you have had the inspiration to someday pursue a teaching job. Perhaps you can say that a former teacher of yours has inspired you and so on. Tell how that teacher of yours has shown you good examples of being a good educator.

What Is Your Philosophy In Teaching?

Again, this is a question that would reflect your personal insights, education and experience. This philosophy will reflect what you have personally experienced during your school days. Although this question may not be asked by the interviewer, try to find a way to incorporate it in your statements. For example, the interviewer asks you to tell something more about yourself, take this opportunity to tell about your teaching attitude and beliefs.

What Structure Would You Implement In Managing Your Class?

In giving your answer to this question, it is important that you first consider the school district’s viewpoint on classroom discipline and management. Your answer will also be dependent upon what grade level you are applying to teach. Your answer must reflect your style in teaching, your experience; and most of all; it should comply with the policies of the school district. You could possibly tell the interviewer that you would set rules by which the class will agree to follow; you would lend ears to what your teachers will say; you will act as mediator between students, etc. Once again, you can relate by giving examples that you have personally used or experienced.

How Are You Going To Incorporate Technology In Your Teaching?

Nowadays, we live in a technologically advanced world. Technology is seen being applied in almost everything around us, even in schools. Visual aids like written lectures on board are now replaced by screen projectors and PowerPoint presentations. As a teacher, you would want to engage your students in your discussion and one way to do this is by using gadgets inside the classroom to deliver your lessons. These forms of technology can make teaching easier and more effective; thus, schools are enthusiastic in using it in their classrooms too. During the interview, you must be able to express that you are familiar in using any available technology. Provide examples of when you were able to use such a gadget in your teaching experience.