The Choice of a Career

They say, “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life.” Such is the enjoyment one feels in working when the choice of what work to do, is a correct one. The average working span of an individual’s life spans about 50 years which is a formidable half a century. As such, it is an imperative that the choice of a career should be made with much deliberation and precision.

In choosing a career, you may consider:

In whatever way you shape your life, eventually what remains critical is your happiness. Your internal strengths, aptitudes, interests and desires need to be weighed with external opportunities that come your way at the job as also in the career that you will choose to pursue. The important thing here to be remembered is that a there is a difference between your job and career. While your job is something that you could be doing for a while, your career is a long term vision, the reason d’etre of your existence , your destiny, so that your life is rewarding and fulfilling.

The first step in this entire process is to belong to an institute of higher learning which not only has relevant , basic infrastructure and technique but also can facilitate holistic growth. It should be able to provide knowledge, course-ware and pedagogy for its application, facilitating integration. A place where you learn-unlearn-relearn, for your todays and tomorrows.

It is an imperative to also develop critical skills to be used at various levels. Primarily , the skills would be at the :-

For a student of today’s world, there are many institutes available, and most of them will provide you with one or the other skills but very few will encourage you to develop all three skill platforms in synergy.

During this learning phase, it is crucial that you, as a student are able to hone attitudes and imbibe soft skills so that you can perform effectively and efficiently from the start. Other skills that need to be learnt and internalized are:

While at your institute, you must be able to develop your network of relationships through school and its alumni, at various forums and at work during projects, apprenticeships and internships. An institute that provides for building relationships continuously over time is high on the opportunity platform.

Nurturing self discovery – a process of internal rejuvenation and constant realization of your mission, is the essence of growth. This is achievable through introspection, experimentation and the cycle of experiential learning. Any institute which helps you with these fundamentals of life and career, helps you to grow over the years, grow continuously and is akin to a home where you want to be.

If you can work your way towards a career that helps you build a future that is aspirational and happy, then it is going to be a very satisfying life at the end of the road.


Prof. Ramola Kumar

Dean, The Delhi School of Communication