The Most Searched Online Jobs

Now more than ever, job seekers are finding an alternative to on-site work in the congested job market of today; real jobs online or at home. Most people associate online jobs as a scam or endeavor that does not really pay the bills, a false assumption. When you work from home or online, your income varies based off of the output of work you do, some people just want to make a little extra money on the side and work part time while others who struggle to find work, work online as a full time job. Regardless of your situation, there is money to be made with the right online job. Here are some of the more popular opportunities out there provided by

Virtual Assistant: With the fast paced business world of today there is now the position of virtual assistant, a job that was virtually non-existent twenty years ago. From the confines of your own home you can bring administrative assistant talents to a company, assisting with: staffing, scheduling, event planning, and book keeping. You can earn anywhere from $10-$30 per hour depending on if you begin work with an agency or work directly with a client.

Online Reseller: There is a lot of money to be made selling items for clients and organizations. When a company is busy running day to day operations, there is a growing increase in the need for individuals to sell the stuff that the client is too busy to. Sellers charge depending on the opportunity of the market and price of specialized items. Depending on the volume of your business, online reselling can become a lucrative full time job from your own home.

Telecommunication: It used to be when a customer needed to contact customer service; they would call the headquarters and have to go through different department options. Now virtual call centers route their incoming calls to a home agent’s phone. The agent is given a script to have a consistent approach to different scenarios and possibly sell items.

Most jobs offer anywhere from $7-$15 per hour and some even offer incentives for high volume of sales.

Data Entry Worker: Just like needing an extra assistant, companies are in high need for data entry workers. Entering the information for: payroll, spreadsheets, documents, staffing, scheduling, and so on; saves the company a lot of time when someone else is outsourced to the position. You can earn up to $20 per hour for this consistent task.

Freelance Content Writing: Companies generally prefer to hire a skilled writer to write the content for their websites or company. With countless sites being created every day, the need for writers is at an all-time high. The median pay for a full-time content writer is $35,000 but can get up to $66,000 a year.

These are just some of the new exciting ways to work from home and give opportunity for those who want to earn competitive compensation for working at home or online. The best source to find these opportunities is through