The Right Tools for a Job Search

This summer my husband laid a new brick walkway in our yard. He spent the hottest week in the summer working on it. Getting ready for the bricks was the worse. He had to dig the area, level it, put down a foundation of sand and rock, tamp it down, level it, add a layer of fine sand, and level it. Only when these things were finished, he was able to put the bricks down.

Actually, laying the bricks was the easy part because he had prepared the area. It was level and had the right foundation. He also had the right tools. Some he owned and borrowed the others. And now we have a level walk way that adds safety and beauty to our back yard. It was hard work but worth it.

The key point of this story is the foundation. By prepping the area and getting it ready, the last step was easy. Preparation and having the right tools are the keys to success in building and conducting a job search.

Soon Labor Day will be here, and people will be getting out of summer mode. Companies will be back into full operation and will need to complete their staff. Hiring will pick up. Are you ready? Do you have the right tools and foundation? Here is a check list of what you need to do to be ready?

My husband set himself up for success by laying the proper foundation and having the right tools. Set yourself up for success by having what you need for your job search. Cutting corners and doing things halfheartedly will produce less than successful results. Check your toolbox to make sure you have what you need.