Things You Should Never Include In a Resume

Resume is the tool used by every job seeking individual to grab the job opportunity. Due to the increasing population and increasing unemployment, it has become difficult to get the desired job even if you possess the necessary qualifications. There are hundreds of people applying for the single vacant position in the company. In this competitive time, if you need to stand out from other applicants and grab the opportunity, resume is the only way out for you. Excellent, job specific resume will easily catch the attention of the employer and compel him to call you for the personal interview. Rest of the things depends on you, how you interact with the recruiter, how you answer his questions, etc. will decide the future of your interview. It is important to follow the resume writing tips when you are writing the resume for any particular position.

Writing the resume differs depending on the position you are applying for and the experience possessed by the applicant. If you are a fresher applicant, the resume details would be different from that to be written in experienced candidate’s resumes. Apart from the things to include in your resume you must also be aware of the things that look worst on your resume. Hence such things should be strictly avoided while writing resumes. Here we discuss some major things that are a big NO in resume writing.

Things to Avoid in Resume

Don’t Speak Negative about last job

If you have prior work experience and you are applying in the company for better job position, never say negative things about your previous company or employer. This will make a bad impression on the employer. Do not say bad about your boss even if he acted like a tyrant. This will show that you are capable of working with all kinds of people. This attitude will take you far in your job.

Irrelevant work experiences

Irrelevant details in your resume will unnecessarily increase the resume length. When you are writing resume for the fresher applicant, you can include maximum details. But when you are writing resume for experienced candidate, it is recommended to list the job specific skills and qualifications. If you include the details that are not related to your applied position, employer may miss out the important job related details while reading all these details and you may miss the job opportunity.

Every small job you done since you turned 16

If you possess a long job history, mention the details of only your previous three employments. There is no need to list every small job that you took since you were 16. You can just provide the names of all your previous employers.

False statements about Educational Details

Although most employers do not verify the details provided in your resume, few employers do. If you present any false information related to your education or experience, it may get caught by the employer and he may debar you from the recruitment procedure.

Listing of hobbies is also not suggested when you are writing a professional resume. You must avoid the grammatical errors occurring while writing the resume. You can proof read your CV multiple times and get it checked from your friends for avoiding these mistakes.