Tips by Indian Civil Services Toppers

Indian Civil Service is the most prestigious and honorable career option. There are ample amount of career options in the corporate fields which provide handsome packages, but when it comes to Indian civil services, the individual is considered one notch higher and seen with respect and high status. Indian civil services are held by Union Public Service Commission. There are many meritious students who with their hard work and determination have been toppers of civil services. They are all over the news channels and newspapers, once they have topped the civil services exam and a lot of them have also given some tips for the students preparing for the exams which turn out to be very useful for them.

Civil services include all the non military departments of government military which run state administration. The constitution has guaranteed certain rights and entitlements to its citizens; the civil officers make sure that they are within the reach of the citizens. Civil service is the high rank career option amongst the youth, many dream of getting into this, as they know this means a strong status in society and job security. The power that one gets is incomparable. It also gives you the power to bring qualitative change in the society and help in the upliftment of many. There have been many students who have worked very hard and topped the civil services examinations. All of them are now appointed at high posts in various branches of Indian civil service. In order to prepare for something, it is always good to be guided and advised. There are some basic tips by civil services toppers which have helped many students and will help the ones preparing for the examinations. Some of the basic tips are: ???Be confident in yourself and trust in your preparation. No body can succeed until one believes in himself or herself ???Read questions with a cool head. Most of the students tend to misunderstand the questions and end up writing incorrect answers ???Have a strong general knowledge of current affairs. It is an important prerequisite. ???Be precise while answering ???Answers should be crisp and bare to bone answers ???Time management is very important. Mange your time

These are some basic tips by ICS toppers which would help while preparing and writing the civil service exams. Once one pulls through the Indian civil service exams, a successful future is promised.