Tips For Writing a Personal Resume

Not everyone can write a wonderful resume for his career summary. But as long as you put your heart to make the resume, it will get a positive impact for your job application.

The key for making an attractive resume is writing a personal statement (sometimes called a profile or career summary), it can let recruiters quickly discovered the value of your contribution to the enterprise. The purpose of writing your resume is marketing yourself to recruiters to give you a chance to interview. So it is very important to put your heart to write a personal statement to increase the interview chances.

Many candidates struggle with the statement part of their resume, however, it just not as difficult as you imagined. There are usually only 50 – 200 words for a well-written, you should remember that do not make your statement ramble. The cover letter should be included information that the recruiter may interested in and want to know. It always decides that whether they will want to read your resume.

Carefully read the job specification is particularly important to the individual requirements, which ensure that whether your skills and experience meet the requirements. So you can reflect this in your personal statement. Yeah, you may ask whether a statement should be written in first or third person. I mean it has no definitive rules. I personally like to write in the first person because the resume is all about you. However, this does not mean that you have to use the word “I” at the beginning of each sentence, the reader know it’s about you, so you should avoid this repeated expression and keep the reader know more your value and your transferable skills.

In general, it is best to break the statement into three sections:


You should make your words reads naturally and flows for the reader, and allowed the recruiter to quickly identify where you are coming from, and what industry experience and core transferable skills you’ve had.

Your work capacity

In this part, you can simply introduce the duties of your previous jobs, what contributions you have made, and what you have learnt.

Your career goals

Yeah, you should let the recruiter know your career aims. It always reflects whether you are entreprenant and struggling.

Following are key points for writing an interesting personal statement:

a. Get straight to the point: avoid using lengthy descriptions, make the examples given punchy and informative.

b. Keep your statement between 50-200 words.

c. Make sure that your words read naturally and flow for the reader.

d. Read aloud your profile.

e. Do not mix the first-person and third-person sentences.

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