Understanding How a Miami Recruiter Actually Saves Your Company Money

Most businesses today need to make some hard and fast decisions about the outsourcing they do and the outside companies they use for certain products and services. Obviously there are many factors to consider when deciding if you should handle certain services in-house versus an outside provider, and this includes the cost. However, as with many other services you may outsource, it may actually save your company money to use a Miami recruiter for your staffing needs versus having your own human resources department handle this process.

Understanding the Process

If you understand the process overall, you may better understand how executive recruiters in Miami can save your company money. Many shortsightedly assume that hiring someone for their staff is a quick and easy process; you simply receive resumes, conduct a few interviews, and then make a decision.

In truth, to find the best candidates you need to understand where to place your ads in order to get the best responses. Using free sites online can be good if they attract the right respondents, but you may also want to concentrate on trade journals and other places that may be found by the best candidates. Tracking down these other outlets for advertising can be tedious. Professional recruiters typically have done this work already, and so know the best places for each type of position in a company.

It can also be tedious and time-consuming to review all the resumes you will receive, no matter the position advertised. Even if you advertise for an executive, you can expect to receive dozens if not literally hundreds of resumes, many of which are of no use to you. Paying your staff to review these can really add up, and much more so than paying for executive staffing in Miami.

Understanding all the Savings

The cost of your time is more than you may realize when it comes to executive staffing in Miami. You have the time needed to compose ads, place the ads, follow up if and when they expire, sorting through resumes, and tracking down the respondents. You also have the time spent to interview each of those respondents, not all of whom will be a good fit for another interview. When you use executive recruiters in Miami you have them go through many of these parts of the process for you, so that your time is spent only talking to those that best fit your requirements.

Adding up the hours it would take to fill just one position in your company may surprise you. Think of not just the hourly wage you pay but also benefits and other costs. You may see how the cost of a good Miami recruiter is much lower than paying your own staff, not to mention how much easier it is for a professional to handle initial interviews. You will save your own time and see only the best candidates for any position no matter your industry.