Voice Training Can Change Your Childlike Voice Faster Than You Think

One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that they sound like a child; and, they are tired or answering the phone and having the caller ask to speak to their mother. Does that sound familiar?

If my first statement resonated with you, there is good news and even better news. The good news is that your ‘real’ or true sound is a voice inside of you that you do not know is in there. And that voice is richer, warmer, and much more mature-sounding than your habitual voice.

The even better news is that the change can happen very, very fast. What is interesting about discovering your ‘real’ voice is that it is actually easier to recognize for those who have a young-sounding voice. The reason is because the change is so drastic that your inner ear immediately distinguishes between the two sounds and quickly becomes offended with your ‘old’ voice.

Not only does your inner ear recognize the difference, but your body feels the difference as well. In my training, I describe this like the cogs of a gear: when you find your ‘real’ voice, it clicks. It feels right. It sounds right. It is right.

Because the drastic change is the easiest for my clients, it also means it will become a habit more quickly. I see this time and again with those who begin their training sounding like a teenager, pre-teen, or even younger still, and suddenly discover their more mature sound. Not old. Just mature.

Were you to phone me and not know what I looked like, you would be hard pressed to place an age on me. I could be 25 or 65 because the voice that has had training is ageless. And, you will also find your voice improving as you get older. This is quite a feat when you consider that nothing else on your body improves after the age of 40! The reason is because of a change in your voice placement once you find your true sound which alleviates the wear and tear on your throat and vocal folds. Currently, those two resonators – your throat and your vocal folds – are doing most of the work when you speak.

There is no doubt that a childlike voice projects a negative image. If your career is dependent upon sounding professional, then you should consider making the change. Remember the good news: it will happen very, very fast!