Weighing The Two Sides of Video Resumes

Like any other technology that prevails in our society, video resumes too have a flip side. However, by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of video resumes, most recruiters and job seekers feel that their advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. No doubt, video resumes are becoming highly appealing to the community of recruiters and job seekers. It is also spreading to other related areas like college admissions. The fact is evident from a recent article published at the Web site of college admission consultant “College of Your Dreams.” Author of this article finds that video resumes are increasingly becoming popular in college admission processes. “In the future, I believe video resumes should become more widespread,” the author said. …..

In our society and economy, innovation has prevailed to be the key to success and an innovative mind cannot always be discovered through a resume, grades or even a written essay. Video gives applicants another medium to express their creativity and their uniqueness.” It’s this uniqueness that most employers look for in a candidature, and they can easily get it through videos. Though video resumes have become popular, they are not still mainstream, says Cheryl P., executive job search accelerator and president, Call to Career. Citing an article from Boston Globe, Cheryl says video resumes are especially helpful in fields like television, performing arts, sales, marketing, advertising, graphic or web design where the candidate can present the video portfolio of his/her accomplishments in the respective field. Tom S, president & CTO at Qorvus Systems, Inc., has a different opinion, however. He thinks using a video to screen candidates may limit the recruiter’s visibility into a larger pool of qualified and potentially valuable candidates. However, he comments, if the video focuses mostly on past accomplishments rather than on applicant appearance and presentation skills, it can bring positive results.

There are people who believe the “looks can be deceiving,” but there are counter arguments that paper resumes too are not convincing to recruiters. People have a tendency to exaggerate facts in their paper resumes. Those who think video resumes leave room for bias may be right partly. Maitri, a senior lecturer at GSB New Delhi, counters this view saying bias can creep in at any point during the interview process regardless of the form of the resume you used. Comparing the advantages of video resumes with that of text resumes, Maitri says we should embrace the video technology as it also shows that the candidate is progressive and technologically advanced � a must in today’s competitive scenario. Majority of employers feel that a video resume can be used as a supplement to text resume, but not a total replacement. Both can work together to improve the selection process and reduce the cost and time associated with recruitments. , an online job portal, has revolutionized Indian recruitment scenario by introducing video resume services for fresh graduates. In addition to the video resume exchange, Koozba also provides a common platform to candidates and employers to network and identify potential opportunities in the industry.