What Does Java Developer Do?

Java is a programming language used in building applications. It’s a class-based, object oriented programming language which functions on “write one time, run anywhere principle”. The java coding once done can run on any platform and don’t require recompilation. It is currently the most popular programming language and therefore, one can fairly guess the demand that these professionals enjoy.

Java was first introduced by Sun Microsystem in 1995. It was developed to run most independently with few implementation dependencies. It has adopted most of its syntax from C and C++, which are often regarded as basics of programming language.

These professionals mostly work as Java developers developing front end applications for users. They create and offer supports to web-based applications, web services and web interfaces. The job profile of a developer includes:

Designing server side componentsDesigning and developing user interface using methodologies and toolsIntegrating between applications and creating database architectureUndertaking detailed technical designingDeveloping, testing, deploying and maintaining java applicationsUnderstanding of business process to develop applicationsCollaborating and coordinating with cross-functional teamsDeveloping product applications adhering to business understanding and standardsEnsuring the project completes within deadline with minimum errorsCreating multimedia applications using different toolsOffering user support solutionsParticipating in team meetings and brain storming sessions

This developer must be a graduate in computer science with certification course done on Java programming. Sun Microsystem conducts Java certification program worldwide in collaboration with certified sister organizations to impart education to these professionals. This certification course is essential in furthering in career as a Java developer.

The skills and educational qualification required for these developers are as follows:

Knowledge of Java programming languageKnowledge on Java AppletsExpertise in web programmingKnowledge of Web User Interface DesigningExperience in software developmentObject-Oriented Design (OOD)Multimedia content developmentSoftware debugging

Apart from technical knowledge the developer must also possess:

Excellent communication and interpersonal skillsTrouble shooting abilitiesTeam playing and project management experience

Knowledge on latest programming tools and updates are essential to advance in your career and therefore these developers must enroll to continuous education program.

These developers can find employment with top and mid-sized IT companies along with in organizations aiming at developing their own Java based web application suite. They may also apply for AOD jobs if the requirements match their profile.

As both entertainment applications and enterprise applications are becoming more popular the demand for qualified developers are also on a rise. They enjoy high demand and therefore high pay package in the market. Java developers with experience and knowledge can move up the career ladder to the position of senior Java developers and project managers.