What You Should Know About The Great LPN Salaries

Working as a licensed practical nurse is one of the most lucrative careers nowadays. Knowing how much the LPN earns will help you decide whether shifting to a career in LPN is lucrative for you. A lot of people find the LPN career very lucrative because you can earn as much as $40,000 per year and this could even get higher depending on some factors. On average, the LPN earns $19 as an hourly rate. At this hourly rate, you can earn as much as $40,000 in a year. You must also note that you will get a 5 percent increase in your salary rate for every year on the job. If you are considering becoming a licensed practical nurse then now is the time to shift careers because it is predicted that there will be an increase in the demand for LPNs in the next few years.

When you are starting out as an LPN, you should not expect to earn as much as the other professionals who have more experience. In the beginning, your average hourly rate is expected to range from 13 to 17 dollars per hour. As you gain more experience, your hourly salary rate can increase to 19 dollars per hour. Professionals who have more years of experience as a licensed practical nurse can earn as much as 22 to 26 dollars per hour. Aside from the extent of your experience, there are also other aspects that can affect the rate of your LPN salaries.

The nature of your job can also affect the rate of your great LPN salaries. If you are working as an LPN in the clinic of a physician then you can expect to have a lower salary rate compared to the other LPNs. Your hourly rate will be at $17 so you can earn an annual salary of around $36,000. If you work in a hospital then your hourly rate will be at $19 so your annual salary is roughly at $40,000. The LPN who works in health care facilities for elderly people earn an hourly rate of $20 and the annual Great LPN Salaries is at around $41,000. Those who provide home care for the elderly and the sickly earn a slightly higher hourly rate so their annual salary can reach $42,000. Those working at nursing homes also earn an hourly and annual salary of the same rate. The LPNs with a job at the employment services have an hourly rate of $22 so their annual salary is at $46,000.

These various salary rates of the LPN can be used as a guide as you apply for jobs. With this guide, you will have an idea on which of the job opportunities will provide a better pay for you as an LPN.