Working at Several Part Time Jobs Each Week Shows Flexibility And Commitment

More people than ever before in the UK are working part-time because they cannot find a full-time job with the highest ever levels at 1.42 million being recorded in the three months to June 2012.

Traditionally, employers have always been thought to be wary of job candidates whose CV contained too many periods of part time employment, but as this becomes increasingly common putting together a portfolio of part time work that equates to being employed for a full working week may be a sensible option.

It is a good way to make sure that earnings in total better match outgoing expenses and it can demonstrate a degree of commitment and ingenuity, especially if at least some of the work relates to the person’s skills and qualifications and shows that they have made efforts to keep in touch with their particular industry when there are no full-time jobs or longer term contracts available.

To work in this way requires a degree of efficiency and planning and the first step is to know how much you need to earn and to keep accurate records of the various jobs for accounting and tax purposes.

While job security is less with part time work, in the current economic climate even full time work can be insecure and combining several part time jobs throughout a working week may actually spread the risk a little.

Part time work does not always have to be low-skilled. Office work as a temp or part time or job sharing PA or secretary, supply teaching or tutoring, or doing one or two days a week for a company that needs only part time IT support, for example, are all good part time options for retaining one’s skills and keeping in touch with potential longer term or full time opportunities that may also arise.

It is possible to present this kind of work history in a positive light on a CV. Positions should be properly listed on the document, to show that they are simultaneous activities and highlight a hard-working ethic. Part time positions that have been undertaken as a collection should be listed with the most recent at the top and should include a list of the duties for each – all written in the present tense if they are ongoing positions.

A Cv or job application usually contains a space for comments and additional information and this can be used to highlight the versatility and ingenuity a candidate has shown in putting together a portfolio of part time or temporary work.

It can demonstrate their stamina and time management skills as well as their adaptability and commitment to ensuring that they are as fully employed as possible.

This approach can also demonstrate ingenuity and flexibility in finding a solution to keeping their professional skills current in a difficult employment climate.

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